Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Temporary Offline

Unfortunately I'll be offline for the foreseeable future (could be weeks or possibly months). I've had to move out of my flat due to the roof (literally) falling in and have ongoing issues with the maintenance and insurance companies. It's sobering to be able to fit your entire self life into a dozen large cardborad boxes.

Obviously this blog will remain available here online. I do actually have several posts (regarding commissions for a well known miniature manufacturer) ready to go but I have to wait until the figures are officially released before I will post any pictures of them online. 

I'll be staying with my brother for the time being so expect some random figure requests, for example, "Can you make some English Civil War pioneers?" yep, no problem, I'll make them up from magic beans and greenstuff. He doesn't have an internet connection (or even a television for that matter) so my online presence will be severally curtailed to using my mobile phone (or very occasionally) the works computer. Therefore I won't be able to read or comment on blogs as I used to (I'm sneaking this post on at work when no-one is looking, hopefully).

If any of my loyal readers wish to keep track of my modest modeling and painting efforts then I will be making regularly updates on Twitter (link at the top of the page). It's actually quite difficult to keep posts within the 140 character limit. 

The only advantage of this hermit-like existence is that I'll have less excuses for not turning out plenty of models and figures. I just won't be able to put them online here for a while. It will probably also give you a sneaky insight into my random lifestyle and why I don't seem to produce that many finished figures, models or terrain.