Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Clubman Commander, Modified Warlord Games

This model is a modified plastic figure, the original taken the Warlord Games 'Firelock Storming Party' box set, which forms part of my ragged group of clubmen. I'm currently working similar models that will appear as dragoons but with this one I wanted a figure that would offer a degree of flexibility and so could represent a cavalry officer, dragoon, militia or, as titled above, a (rather well-to-do) clubman (any excuse to have a go at modifying plastic figure). The majority of the clubmen are standard, stock figures but I still detail them as and when I finish painting them.
This particular figure required a lot of cutting and carving, more than I initially envisaged. First the top half of the head was removed and then the sides of the head and face had to be narrowed in order for the distinctive helmet to fit. Anyone who has a box of Warlord Games plastic cavalry set will hopefully recognise the original part. If not then the top part of the lobster pot helmet consists of the crown and the face bars. The neck pieces (or the lobster tail, if you will) of the helmet and the hair were added with greenstuff.

The extended left arm was also taken from Warlord Games plastic cavalry set as was the carbine. So that the left and right arm matched I added a cuff, using greenstuff, to the left arm/hand. The carbine was a cut and shunt job. I chopped in half, well to be more accurate cut out a small section (the size of the model's hand) out and then glued the pieces either side of the left hand making sure that they aligned properly (unlike the first attempt seen in some of the original photos).

The small belly box was also cut away.

As the figure is obviously waving his sword around I removed the original sword hilt from the model.

The large turnovers on the boots were also created with greenstuff.

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