Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Old Glory World Wargames Show (Derby)

It was the first time for me attending this show held at Derby University. It’s a decent venue with enough space and good facilities. I didn’t manage to take any photographs as I was far to busy spending money. Mainly bought for projects that I'm currently working on (or hope to work on in the near future).

Perry ECW infantry and cavalry,
Renegade Covenanters Regiment (yep, even more ECW figures),
Scarab WWI French infantry and command,
Front Rank War of the Roses ranges (something to play with whilst I look forward to the Perry's plastic range is released),
Numerous books on the medieval period including Edward III campaigns and War of the Roses from Dave Lanchester – got a decent discount being a member of the Lance and Longbow Society (hurrah),
More characters from Warlord Games, had a look at the new cavalry sprue (very nice) and got talking to the chaps on the stand. They have some interesting items due for release.
Various of flags from Redoubt Enterprises.

Had a nice chat to the main man at Scarab Miniatures who had a very nice display game laid out. Rob was so nice in fact that I bought a few packs of his French infantry figures. It’s good to know I’m not the only person who likes the late WWI French because of the colour of their uniform.

A particular attractive pack is the communications team that includes pigeon handler. The sculptor even asked a neighbour who was a pigeon fancier (that sounds wrong!) to get the posture correct. Very good looking mini.Scarab Miniatures

After leaving the show we drove just up the road and visited Kedleston Hall and All Saints Church. The mainly 13th century church contains numerous items of interest including several medieval stone and brass effigies, a copy of the Curzon battle standard, a Norman doorway and two very unusual circular monuments sunk into the floor. Well worth a visit is you are in the area.

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