Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Scots Covenanters Warlord Games - Part 2

Here are a few more individual close up shoots of the Scots Covenanters from Warlord Games. The first are the metal command figures. Typical of WG metal miniatures they are full of detail and reward careful painting. I think if you click on the images you'll get a larger version pop up.
Billy the Piper
Sergeant - Rear View 

Pike Block
Musket Block
After a recent chance meeting with those nice chaps from Warlord Games, Messrs Stallard and Sawyer (BANG, CLANG - sorry, that was just the sound of my blatant namedropping), I asked if it was ok to post my own crappy pictures of Scots Covenanters (and several others) on this blog.

I understand that these figures will feature in an upcoming newsletter (i.e. they will have been photographed properly) but with the large volume of new products WG are producing this might not appear for a while.