Friday, 30 December 2011

Monnow Bridge, Monmouth

Monmouth is a town in the south-east of Wales, probably best known amongst those interested in history as the birthplace of King Henry V (16th September 1386).

Of particular interest is the Monnow bridge. The following info is taken from panels located on or nearby the bridge itself.
"Monnow Bridge built circa 1270, as a town defence is the only surviving medieval bridge in Britain with the gate tower standing on the bridge. The gatehouse has served as a toll-house, guard room, gaol and dwelling house."

"Monnow Bridge was built in about 1272. However, it was not the first bridge at this site. In 1988 construction works for the flood alleviation scheme exposed the remains of an earlier timber bridge. Analysis of the timber dated the construction to about 1140. The remains are preserved below the river bed, under the existing bridge."

More information about the bridge can be found here.

Surprisingly the bridge remained in use as a road bridge until as recently as March 2004 when a new bridge opened just a short distance downstream. 

The Millennium Plinth  is located nearby. Made from 40 tiles illustrating the town's history, the two below caught my attention detailing aspects from the ECW .
Millennium Plinth detail
Millennium Plinth detail
The normal toy soldier posting service will be resumed shortly (honest), but until then I'd like to wish all the followers and readers of this blog a very Happy New Year for 2012.


  1. Very interesting read and lovely photos. Thanks for this.

  2. As Rodger said, very interesting!! Thanks!