Monday, 11 June 2012

Pirate Ogre Whaler - Part 2 of 3

For several weeks, this figure stood idly by, silently watching as other figures were made and painted. Then, for some reason, I recalled a comment (made by someone on TMP - thanks Skeptic!) about a previous ogre model I had made,

"Nice idea! Now, how about a pirate ogre whaler (with harpoon, of course)?"
The answer to all my problems

Aha, what a good idea. With this in mind I used Google (All Hail) Images and obtained enough reference material to be able to scratch-build the harpoon.

The main body of the harpoon itself was made from the ever useful waste plastic sprue that is normally thrown away (but being a modeller I naturally hoard the stuff).

The metal shaft was made from metal tube (actually the cut down needle from an empty liquid poly cement applicator).

The head of the harpoon was made from greenstuff, formed into a suitable pointy shape.

The rope is from scrap copper electric cable, two strands were bent around a pen and then twisted until it has the appearance of rope.

Looking at the ogre with its false leg and harpoon - it gradually dawned on me who it reminded me of; Captain Ahab (played by the late great actor Gregory Peck) in the classic 1956 film 'Moby Dick'. As I didn't really want to make a long coat (because I'm lazy and it might just appear on another ogre figure I have in mind) the other notable item of clothing in his wardrobe was his hat. This would also help distinguish him from the other ogre figures.

After removing the previous tricorn hat I did initially consider making the new hat from greenstuff but I thought using thin plastic card would be more suitable (and easier).
I rolled a thin strip of plastic sheet into a tubular, oval shape, then clamped (with small bulldog clips) and glued it in order to hold it into its new form. Just as a little detail I cut triangular shapes into the back of the hat to indicate bite marks and hint at just how this chap might have lost his leg.


  1. I’m not entirely sure how I missed yesterday’s post, but I’m not seeing another one slip by without showing my appreciation for what, already, is turning out to be a fabulous conversion. Great call on the Ahab look and hat. Bring on more!

  2. Great work, great hat and a bloody great toothpick mate!