Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Our First YouTube Bolt Action Game

aka "Hello Mom, I'm on the telly."
Well not quite. Last weekend my old mate Ade invited me over to the heart of sunny Shropshire to visit the Man Cave. This is actually a large purpose built shed at the bottom of his garden which for most people in the UK is probably the next best thing to a dedicated games room in your home.

From this battle-shed Ade has been playing and recording wargames, mainly Warhammer Fantasy and Warmachine, just for his own amusement and to share the results with the wider community. Slowly but surely Ade has built up a loyal following of over 4600 YouTubers (or whatever the proper collective noun is) which is growing exponentially. He has been wanting to branch out and cover more game systems for quite a while and seeing as we are both collecting WWII figures at the moment he thought it was an ideal opportunity to play a few games of Bolt Action, the WWII skirmish ruleset from Warlord Games.

The main purpose of my visit therefore was to record, hopefully the first of many, a couple of games of Bolt Action. Regular readers (hi mom) will realise I rarely, if ever, mention playing games on this blog. This is because I'm primarily a model maker/painter/collector so if you looking for an in-depth report on tactics, formations etc. then you'll have to wait a while until I can fully comprehend the game. If however you'd like to watch a relaxed game between to old mates then watch and enjoy.

Wargaming For Fun - 1st Bolt Action game*

*Be warned the video contains implied strong violence against toy soldiers, poor jokes, light hearted banter and heavy midlander accents (well mine is thicker than black puddin').


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    1. Thanks Ray, if you need a translation let me know ;)

  2. Coincidentally, I've just picked up the Bolt Action book myself this was great to have on in the background while I'm painting up a small German infantry platoon of my own.

    ...and now that I've watched it, I think I might need to get hold of a mortar team :)

  3. Thanks Kristian,

    Glad you enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend mortars! We did record another game where the mortars had another influential effect although this was purely down to beginners luck on my part.