Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Competition - Hurrah for me #winning

To misquote Ray Charles, for the last couple of years, if it wasn't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all. That's was until I read a blog where the author set the readers a test. 

The challenge was - could you identify the location of a certain battlefield somewhere in Europe from a single photograph! There were a number of clues but I also had a spot of luck on my side as I had visited the site in my youth (although I had also consumed a large amount of continental lager during the same trip so the memories were a bit hazy to say the least). 

Anyways I managed to correctly identify the site, the battle and main character involved.
The impressive hoard - I love free stuff.
The prize for winning was this rather impressive collection of goods, a lot of the books are in mint condition. The author of the blog, Tony, got in touch and sent the expertly wrapped parcel which arrived very shortly afterwards.

I'm currently working my way through this typical example of the generosity of the blogger community. Tony entertaining blog can be found (here). Thanks again Tony for posting an enjoyable and rewarding (for me at least) challenge.

Speaking of competitions, followers of my blog now have just under a week for a chance to win their own miniature, painted in their own personal coat of arms, details of which can be found (here).