Thursday, 3 July 2014

Coat of Arms of Wyville, Crusader Miniatures & Fireforge Games

This model doesn't actually represent anyone in particular but the coat of arms is once again based on floor tiles discovered at Shaftsbury abbey, once one of the richest abbey's in the country. More information about my visit to the town and figures based on the tiles can be found (here)(here) and (here).

From the note at Shaftsbury Abbey museum:


Arms: A cross argent fretty between four mullets of six points.

Robert Wyville (or Wyvil), was Bishop of Salisbury from 1330 to 1375. He was involved in a quarrel with the new newly ennobled Lord Salisbury in 1341 over the ownership of Sherbourne castle. This escalated into an argument that was nearly settled through (a very rare) trial by combat. At one time he held the high office of Lord Privy Seal.

As you may notice the figure, in terms of the style of his armour etc., predates the bishop by approximately one hundred years. The most interesting aspect of this character was his near involvement in a trial by combat. This dispute was due to be settled by two champions chosen by the two main protagonists, Wyville and the Earl of Salisbury.

However before the combat was due to start one of the men (the Bishop's champion if I remember correctly) was discovered to have been 'cheating' by having magic charms and amulets tucked into his clothing so the trial was suspended. Eventually the cause was settled so the trial by combat never actually took place. It would make an interesting basis for a 'what if' scenario.

The mounted knight and the knight on foot are both from Crusader while the horse is from Fireforge Games. As you may notice this is another model I have altered slightly. I've removed the tail and filled in the gap on the barding with greenstuff. The reasoning behind this decision can be found (here).

Apologies for the quality and strange colour of the photos (just like the good old days). I got a bit carried away with editing on Picasa and didn't want to waste time altering then back.