Friday, 8 May 2015

Modified WoTR Foot Men-at-Arms WIP, Perry Miniatures - Part 2 of 10

Weapon Switch

This small modification is probably one the easiest of all the examples shown in this series so if you're reluctant to modify a figure, with the thought of ruining it by hacking away with sharp instruments (it's never stopped me), then this may be the best option for your first attempt.

This mod simply involved removing the original weapon and replacing it with a warhammer which was taken from (if I remember properly) the mounted Men at Arms box set. As the original weapon was a sword it had quite a prominent pommel which I shaved down.
Red circle indicate modified areas
Red circle indicate modified areas
To secure the shaft of the warhammer (or similar weapon) you can sharpen the end on the shaft then bore a suitable small hole into the hand, using either a hand drill or a sharp scalpel, taking care to follow the line of the original weapon. Insert the shaft into the hole and then hopefully the replacement weapon will be less likely to break off.

The figure shown below has appeared before on this blog before and was part of the initial batch of figures I started (I managed to paint a grand total of two figures before getting distracted). As the original hammer had broken off this time I used a mace.

Yet another a simple modification for this standard bearer with the original weapon cut away and replaced by an axe taken from the Mounted men at arms box.
Red circle indicate modified areas
Red circle indicate modified areas
With the figure shown below I switched the head of the polearm from the original curved axehead. I also re-positioned the arms so that they would hang in a more natural looking way. The gap created at the back of the arms was filled in with greenstuff.

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