Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Hittite Spearmen (advancing), Wargames Foundry

Keeping on the theme of Wargames Foundry here are another set of figures that I don't believe were ever released by the company. They don't feature on their current webpage as far as I can tell. They may have appeared in the past but as Biblical gaming is not an interest I haven't regularly checked (Using the Art of The Covenant must be the Top Trump in any game).

These were nicely sculptured and balanced figures but I quickly realised that I hadn’t a clue how to paint them. As usual Google Images came to the rescue, hurrah! A quick search revealed that Osprey had produced a book ‘Hittite Warrior’ with their usual high quality illustrations, in this case supplied by Adam Hook, which gave me all the information I needed. A common feature with the illustrations appeared to be the detail colours so to maintain a ‘uniform’ look I painted all the figures with a blue trim and an inner parallel red stripe.

Foundry actual supplied all the required spears, round bases plus the paint to finish the base. All I had to do was paint, assemble and base them.

The figures themselves are painted with Citadel paints as I don't have the necessary Foundry triad paints. Citadel's (Dwarf) Bronze is too dark for my liking to represent realistic bronze (which when highly polished looks like gold). As I never seem to be able to get a decent gold finish I now paint the base coat of silver and build up the watered down Citadel's 'Burnished Gold' and 'Shining Gold'. Flesh wash is used to create a feeling of depth and warm that bronze seems to have.

I’ve since noticed how often people seem to paint Bronze Age figures with iron/steel coloured weaponry.

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