Monday, 6 September 2010

Surprise, Surprise.

I had a very unexpected pleasant surprise when I opened the latest newsletter from Warlord Games earlier this weekend. Featured amongst the various articles was one starring figures from this very blog.

The photos were actually taken at the Black Powder promotion held at Maelstrom Games way back in March. In the subsequent newsletter a photograph and a brief mention appeared (you’ll have to scroll right to the bottom of the article to find it) so I didn’t give it much thought afterwards. In truth it actually became somewhat of a running joke between my friends who had also attended the event at Maelstrom. This is because they knew that the nice chappy from Warlord, Paul Sawyer, had actually spent at least 20-25 minutes taking photographs for just one to appear on the t’internet. There nothing quite like having your mates taking the mickey to keep your feet firmly on the ground. So it was very satisfying to see the rest of the photographs appear on-line.

The Warlord photos are far superior to any of my crappy efforts. Paul had an interesting portable studio setup – basically it was a small white solid plastic storage box with one side cut away and small lamps clamped to the sides. I don’t have the resources to buy a suitable camera at the moment so that will have to wait until the future.

So don’t worry faithful followers, even though the very flattering article gave me a severe ego boost, I’ll still try to maintain and update this humble blog for your viewing entertainment (if I can find time to pry myself away from my adoring public, of course).

Right, that's enough of me blowing my own trumpet, I've got a large amount of little toy soldiers that need painting.