Thursday, 30 September 2010

Damaged Sconce

As I was recently in a 'terrain' mood I finally finished this particular modular section of the sconce model I worked on this time last year. As I'd earlier made a section of damaged linking section I thought it would be more likely that a corner section would also suffer damage - hence this model shown below.

The gaps are wide enough for a 40mm sq base to pass though easily. The ramps created by the fallen earth have been made so that figures will stay in place if they haven't quite managed to breach the walls. I deliberately kept this model free from battle clutter but I'm now tempted to add a few details such as broken swords, muskets etc.

Previous posts relating to the construction of the models and the history of the real thing can be foun


  1. It came out quite nice.Let's see some more.


  2. I like this piece - very well done and I think in this case, less is more (the lack of clutter).


  3. Looks good.cant wait to see some blokes on it.

    Cheers Rich.

  4. as gruesome as it may seem, maybe taking an arm from a plastic set and having it sticking through the dirt might look really cool. Not sticking straight up like a zombie pose but a bent on just laying out partially buried so it looks like someones been collapsed on.

  5. Hi cforance, that idea is pretty gruesome but thanks anyway. I might just stick a few random limbs in the rubble if/when I make another similar model.