Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Warlord Games ECW Cavalry Modifications - Part 6 of 6

Whenever a figure is shown wielding a sword obviously they would not have another sword still in their scabbard (at least I don’t think they carried spares). On some of the model types the hilt is cleverly hidden by the sash. Where this is not the case you need to carefully cut away the sword hilt from the side of the model. I mention this because once I had finished all painting the figures I noticed I had made this very same mistake (twice!) and naturally they were both in the most inaccessible place possible. After removing the offending articles I could finally say that I had completed the regiment.
Troopers Albert and Ernest
In a similar manner where a figure is shown holding a pistol I removed the pistol grip that protrudes from the top of holster and hollowed out the plastic with a hand drill to improve the overall look. And just to show off I also hollowed out the mouth of the trumpet.
Trumpeter Horatio Horn
Last, and definitely least, by far the easiest addition is to simply glue a feather taken from the infantry box set onto the hat of a rider. This very quickly adds just a little bit more variety to the figures.
Captain Thomas Plume
Captain Thomas Plume