Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Highlander Hero, Warlord Games

This miniature is from the Warlord Games Highlanders range. The miniature looks slightly too muscular in my opinion but then he does stand out a hero figure.

I normally first apply Windsor & Newton Matt Varnish by brush. This is more of a satin finish as seen below. I still need to apply a spray matt varnish to the miniature. I use Citadel's Purity Seal (which they actually describe as having a semi-matt or satin finish) to remove the glossy look.

If you think the sword looks too big, take a look at the picture below.
Two-handed 'Highland' claymore
(Edinburgh Castle)
Note the size of the original claymore compared to that of a later basket-hilted sword on either side (which are normally referred to as claymores). This style of weapon is based on early Scottish medieval swords.