Monday, 1 July 2013

Bolt Action Pin Markers

Oh dear, nearly eight weeks since my last post? Without realising it I'm nearly half way though the year with apparently very little to show for it. Fear not gentle reader, for I have actually been quite busy painting away at several projects. One of which is on a Bolt Action theme which I filmed for my mate Ade for his 'Wargaming for Fun YouTube channel so no photos (they'd only be rubbish any way) and strictly video for a change (get me, I've gone all 1880's with moving images and everything):

I have the perfect face for radio and an accent to match. Funny enough our accent (I was even trying to talk posh! and Ade moved from the Dudley area nearly two decades ago) may actually be very similar to that of English medieval kings. If you think this is hard to believe then take a look at this link:

It all has something to do with the 'Great Vowel Shift' which we Black Country folk, quite properly, chose to ignore hundreds of years ago and what still distinguishes us, even from our Brummie cousins just down the road. So next time you watch 'Game of Thrones' or 'The White Queen' on the telly just imagine the characters speaking with an authentic Black Country accent. I do and it makes me chuckle every time.
"Alroight Queenie, arh bin ay, me babby? Yo'am lookin' bostin me wench." which roughly (very roughly) translates into "Greetings your loyal Highness, I pray you are well? You appear truly splendid."

I have plenty of material to post as soon as I can provide you with some half decent photographs. The weather over the past six months has been pretty dire but hopefully I willbe posting images sooner rather than later and definitely before another eight weeks passes by - I promise.

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