Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Soviet DP28 Light Machine Gun, Plastic Solder Company - Part 2 of 2

These figures are also from the 28mm plastic 'Russian Infantry in Summer Uniform' set - others can be seen elsewhere on my blog (click here). These are the final group of miniatures from the Plastic Soldier Company (PSC) for the time being, except for another piece of artillery, that I've completed from that particualr boxset. There are more in the set that I have block painted but I can't quite motivate myself to finish them. They are perfectly adequate for gaming but they don't (without wishing to sound too pretentious) inspire me  to spend the time on detailing them up to my own preferred standard.
Next up, if I can take some decent photographs, will be a few pieces/figures I've recently finished for use with Bolt Action rules.


  1. superb I think they look fine I think I would sacrifice a bit of detail for the superb value PSC delivers and your painting has set them off a treat very nice basing as well

    1. Thanks Fraxinus, it's a pity PSC don't seem to expanding their 28mm range. Their later Russian sets were very nice indeed.