Friday, 30 September 2011

Dwarfs, Mantic Games

These little fellas are taken from the (dungeon crawling) board game 'Dwarf King's Hold: Dead Rising' from Mantic Games. They will eventually face the Undead Skeleton Troop when I get a chance to play the game. The miniatures are a mixture of Ironclad Warriors and Shieldbreakers apparently (I must admit I haven't clue as to which are which).

Some of the figures required a small amount of (very simple) assembly but they go together without any of the problems that I experienced with some the skeletons. 

This green and yellow chap comes as one piece

This Arm & Hammer dwarf figure simply
needs the hammerhead gluing into position.

This black and white figure is another that only
needs the hammerhead gluing into position.

Dwarf taking a power nap.
The miniatures were painted with a mixture of both Citadel and Foundry paint. The figures themselves don't appear as shiny as they do in real life, thankfully. There is one final dwarf left to paint (or repaint) and numerous bits and pieces such as the Dwarf dog. The various sprues come with lots of nice extras, something that Games Workshop often do, which I'll detail on the next relevant posting.   


  1. Once a Dwarf has fallen to the Abyss, only two choices are then left to such twisted and evil individuals. Some decide to remain hidden within Dwarf society behind a façade of normality, forming their secret covenants and cults that worship the Abyssal Gods and cultivate all sorts of forbidden arts in order to grow in power, influence and in the favour of their dark deities.

  2. That's some great painting there. Looking great! I've saved some of your pics to my pc, as I've ordered the mantic Morgoth's Revenge box, with both dwarves and undead in it. These are great for inspiration :)