Thursday, 26 January 2012

Ogre - Avast B'Hind, Part 5 of 5

Modifications: Hook hand, sword & belly plate anchor detail.

The most obvious mod here is the hook hand, another stock-in-trade for your average buccaneer. The hook was made from a cut down piece of the grappling hook, located into a hole drilled into the arm and glued into place. This proved to be too fragile (i.e. clumsy muggins here kept on breaking it) so I secured it in place with more greenstuff.

And finally, another subtle mod is the anchor detail added to belly plate using three strips of greenstuff to make up the basic shape. Once in place the strips were then trimmed with a scalpel to create the desired look.

This concludes the pirate ogre posts. I hope you've enjoyed reading about them as much as I enjoyed making them. Hopefully you'll agree that by making a few relatively simple modifications you can make your miniatures stand out from the crowd. I still have several more ideas for modifications based on the pirate theme so you may see a couple more pirate ogres in the future.

I haven't yet decided on which project to concentrate on next but it just might be something completely different (again) from anything else seen previously on this blog.


  1. Fabulous painting as always. That dude is intimidating and disturbing. Dean

  2. I think you may have saved the best to last! I have thoroughly enjoyed the posts; brilliant work Sir!

  3. Great job on this model and the whole group. I enjoyed seeing your excellent, imaginative work. Very inspirational. I love the anchor. What's next?

  4. Who - that's a really well done model - I like the nautical theme!

  5. Thanks for all the comments. I'm currently working on another ogre and hope to post details soon.