Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Ogre Musician (Bellower) "Thar he blows!", Part 3 of 5

Modifications: False leg, bandana, cup & barrel.

The logic behind this figure is that this is an ogre who has lost his leg but still serves a useful purpose, as a musician. He also carries light refreshments for his ogre chums, a barrel of rum or grog and side order of raw steak.
The classic look of a pirate (Treasure Island etc.) normally shows a poor chap with false leg. Here this was shaped by first removing the left leg to the level of the boot. This saved me from having to re-sculpt the trousers. The leg itself was created using two different sized balls of greenstuff and the plastic inner tube from a pen. This tube was simply cut down then stuck into the top bit making sure it was set at the correct angle. Once the greenstuff began to harden I used the flat edge of a scalpel to flatten and smooth out the top section.

The bandana was made from a ball of greenstuff plopped on top of the model's head and smoothed down. Two strips of greenstuff were added to create the 'tails' of the bandana. Using a metal scribe I made the creases and folds to give it a more realistic look.

Similar to how notches were said to be added to guns (and in a certain nocturnal location!) I cut several notches into the back of the sword to indicate previous victories.

The small cup itself was made from part of the sprue. The body of the cup was hollowed out with a hand drill and scalpel and the handle was made from a thin roll of greenstuff.

The steak was also trimmed down. or more precisely the hook was trimmed so it would sit closer to the body. Also the hair, still attached to the meat, was cut away as it was too close to the ground.


  1. Really ingenious, your use of a plastic pen tube and green stuff. Seamless conversion and breath-taking painting.

  2. Thank you so much for this series, I'm finding it very inspirational. I think in the past I've rushed in without really thinking about the outcome but with careful planning and ingenious use of what is to hand I'm realising that wonderful things can happen; these, Sir, are wondeful! Next please.