Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Ogre Standard Bearer - Jolly Roger, Part 4 of 5

Modifications: Bandana & sword
The bandana was made from a ball of greenstuff as described in the previous post.

Perhaps the most subtle (and easiest) mod of them all. The end of the sword was simply trimmed to look more like a cutlass with its curved top edge of the blade.

Because Ade had already painted up a jolly nice Jolly Roger style standard I didn't want to create something exactly the same or too different (if that makes sense?). After a brief discussion with Ade, a typical quote sounding like, "Yep I agree, bones are more 'ogre' than swords." we decided on the one shown. The standard itself is based on the historic pirate flag of Henry Avery. Unusually the flag is often shown as red, not the traditional black we normally associate with pirates. As mentioned previously this colour helps tie the figures together.
On the standard itself I added broken ships steering wheels, a pistol with new trigger guard and the set of cannon balls hanging from the crow's next. I painted a treasure map onto the model conveniently located on the back of the crow's nest.


  1. Great job on this mini. I like the inclusion of all of the little extra details. Especially like the treasure map.

  2. More! We want more! It's the attention to detail that I love and the subtle linking of the unit by colour. Brilliant stuff.

  3. Thanks for comments. Last pirate ogre coming up.