Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Desk Snapshot May 2012

As I needed a quick break from my proper job, here is a picture of my workspace taken late one evening last week. In what will be a highly irregular (as per usual) series this sneak preview picture was taken after a modeling and painting session after which I had been taking a few WIP images for various ongoing projects. As the previous posts detailing the modeling and painting of the latest pirate (fisherman) ogre seemed popular I thought I would make this approach more of a regular feature.
Desk Snapshot May 2012

  1. What will eventually be 'Lord Dudley', standing command figure - modified plastic Perry Miniature.
  2. 'Lord Dudley & Standard Bearer', mounted command figures - modified plastic Perry Miniatures.
  3. 2000 AD characters: Angel Gang, Judges, Torquemada etc. - Foundry Miniatures.
  4. Plastic Mounted Men at Arms (Wars of the Roses) - Perry Miniatures.
  5. Modified firelock figures - Warlord Games.
  6. 1/35 (54mm) scale WWII Russian officer - Miniart.
  7. 'Not Captain Scarlet' figures, 'Not the Prisoner' - Crooked Dice.
  8. Allosaurus - Menacing Monsters. Behind this are the recently completed Mega City Judges.
  9. Halo Lego-type figure, bought for a pound from local Morrison's supermarket.
  10. Petard Team - Warlord Games, Canadian Voltigeurs - Knuckleduster Miniatures, Glengarry Light Infantry - (plastic riflemen) Perry Miniatures. 
Just of the right of this image (off stage) is the painting tray I normally use, courtesy of my mate Ade.
And yes, I do need to put my paints in some kind of order. And yes, I probably should just concentrate on one project at a time but I get bored too easily. As my dear old nan used to say, "Variety is the spice of life". That's my excuse anyway.