Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Desk Snapshot May 2012

As I needed a quick break from my proper job, here is a picture of my workspace taken late one evening last week. In what will be a highly irregular (as per usual) series this sneak preview picture was taken after a modeling and painting session after which I had been taking a few WIP images for various ongoing projects. As the previous posts detailing the modeling and painting of the latest pirate (fisherman) ogre seemed popular I thought I would make this approach more of a regular feature.
Desk Snapshot May 2012

  1. What will eventually be 'Lord Dudley', standing command figure - modified plastic Perry Miniature.
  2. 'Lord Dudley & Standard Bearer', mounted command figures - modified plastic Perry Miniatures.
  3. 2000 AD characters: Angel Gang, Judges, Torquemada etc. - Foundry Miniatures.
  4. Plastic Mounted Men at Arms (Wars of the Roses) - Perry Miniatures.
  5. Modified firelock figures - Warlord Games.
  6. 1/35 (54mm) scale WWII Russian officer - Miniart.
  7. 'Not Captain Scarlet' figures, 'Not the Prisoner' - Crooked Dice.
  8. Allosaurus - Menacing Monsters. Behind this are the recently completed Mega City Judges.
  9. Halo Lego-type figure, bought for a pound from local Morrison's supermarket.
  10. Petard Team - Warlord Games, Canadian Voltigeurs - Knuckleduster Miniatures, Glengarry Light Infantry - (plastic riflemen) Perry Miniatures. 
Just of the right of this image (off stage) is the painting tray I normally use, courtesy of my mate Ade.
And yes, I do need to put my paints in some kind of order. And yes, I probably should just concentrate on one project at a time but I get bored too easily. As my dear old nan used to say, "Variety is the spice of life". That's my excuse anyway.


  1. Nice to see your work area; appreciate you taking the time to itemize the stuff. For me, no matter how organize I start off, once I start painting it quickly devolves into a chaotic mess. Best, Dean

  2. Wonderful! I love seeing where everyone else works and as for the variety well why not! I'm actually pretty envious of the space you have.

  3. I like the chaos, I'm always worried by very neat painting desks!

  4. Thanks for the comments. I like to think it's organised chaos.

    I operate on the 'volcano principle' when it comes to worktops. Whatever is in front of me is 'hot'. As it gets 'colder' (or becomes boring) it gets pushed to the edges.