Tuesday, 15 May 2012

English Civil War Pioneers, Billhook and firelock - Part 2 of 2

Again this miniature has been modified from Warlord Games 'Firelock Storming Party' plastic figure, but with this figure the arms were taken from a 'Dismounted Dragoon' Perry Napoleonic figure supplied free in a previous issue of Battlegames.

Before paint
After paint
The billhook shaft was made by trimming down the original musket to form the handle and the head was modeled from a flat section cut from a plastic sprue. From the original firelock figure, the hand was trimmed away from the firelock. Then the firelock has cut into two pieces and glued in position to give the impression it was being held by the left hand. It's not the best or neatest modification (seen from the inside it looks plain awful) but works ok from a distance.

Again this figure is based on a penny in order to distinguish them from regular firelock figures.


  1. Simply wonderful! Just seeing how simply you make it is really giving me the confidence to have a go myself, thank you.

  2. A great looking figure, I love the billhook, very clever!!!

  3. You make it look easy, I know though that it's really tricky to get the models to look both natural and detailed, especially on 28mm figs. You've managed both and they look great.

    If every you want acrylic or mdf discs to use as bases though let me know. I know a man ;)


  4. Great conversion work once again!

  5. Fabulous conversion and painting. I've just discovered your blog and looking forward to digging in deeper...