Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Pirate Ogre Fisherman, the Block - Part 4 of 6

The first stage of painting the block phase where the main colours are applied to the model.
Ogre - Block colour (main) painted
As mentioned previously this figure is painted using eight main colours. This could have been reduced even further if the trouser legs had been painted the same colour and the bag had been painted light brown (leather).

At the request of Ade, I gave this ogre the elite 'uniform' of red and black trousers.

A useful tip is to keep a record of what paints you use for particular figures. this is especially useful if you're creating a large unit or army. If not I guarantee you'll forget what exact colours you've used, if at sometime in the future you wish to add the unit and maintain the same uniform look.

The colours break down as follows:
Silver - Metal parts
Dark Brown - Wood
Light Brown - Leather
Black - Trouser leg
Red - Trouser leg
Flesh - Flesh bits (obviously)
Cream - Linen snap bag
Sand - Base
Ogre profile - Block (or main) painted
Note that this stage the right hand is still held in postion with Blu-Tac. This allowed me to paint the areas behind then anchor. If you are so inclined you could stop painting after this stage and the figure would be perfectly acceptable on the tabletop when seen from a distance (and GW tournaments). However with just a bit more time and effort you can transform the figure completely. How? I'll explain in the next couple of posts (what a tease!).


  1. Absolutely wonderful; really coming to life now!

  2. He really is coming along nicely.

    Common sense advice about keeping a note of the colours used. I have often cursed the fact that I have not done so given the usual length of time I take between painting one figure in a regiment and the next!