Thursday, 26 July 2012

Billmen (Men-at-Arms with shield), Crusader Miniatures

Yet another set of figures taken from 'Men-at-Arms with spear + shield' (MCF030)- from the later Crusades range by Crusader Miniatures, the figures are only supplied with shields) but this time made to represent billmen (which you'll ready know as you've read the title).

For these figures it was a very simple and obvious change, with the bills replacing the spears seen in a previous post. The metal bills were from the Perry Miniatures (WR21 Bills) taken from their War of the Roses range.

The small circular shields were taken from the Perry's plastic WoTR box set.

For both the Cry Havoc/Siege games you need eight billmen in total, although again only three are actually required for Siege.