Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Man-o-War Shocktrooper, Warmachine (Privateer Press)

During a pleasant English summer evening (i.e. taking shelter from the awful recent weather) in my mate Ade's (WargamingForFun) man cave I was perusing his unpainted figures. To repay his hospitality (more tea and home-made cakes than a grown man can handle) I offered to paint a figure for him. As he is currently going through a Warmachine-phase, which appears to me to be a Cold War/steampunk'ish inspired game, I picked this Man-o-War Shocktrooper.

This a figure from the Khador faction (communist?), the utilitarian look and simply colour scheme did appeal to me. I even managed to play a couple of games as I could pick up the simple basics of the rules after a few games.

Normally I would assemble the model after painting but Ade had already glued it together, even so the plastic figure is very easy to paint. Following the examples in the rules boxes this model is basically red all over with gold and silver details. I employed my usual three layer technique playing particular attention with the washes to add shade to the heat affected areas around the vents and shield muzzle etc.

If you noticed a distinct improvement with the quality of the photographs that would be because I didn't take them. Ade kindly did the honours as my mom had asked to have her camera back to take with her on holiday (cheeky minx!).

I'm now painting a Kommander Sorscha Warcaster figure and will post that as soon as it's done.


  1. I have just purchased a small Khador force - my first venture into Warmachine - so I will be following your blog with great interest

  2. Thanks David,

    If you not doing so already, you may want to look at my mate Ade's YouTube channel (and blog page)

    He's playing quite a few Warmachine games lately and may be of interest to you.