Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Halberdiers (Men-at-Arms with shield), Crusader Miniatures

Another set of figures taken from 'Men-at-Arms with spear + shield' (MCF030)- from the later Crusades range by Crusader Miniatures, although the figures are not actually supplied with a spear), but this time made to represent halberdiers.

The halberds, or to be more precise the halberd heads, were taken from the Perry's plastic 'EuropeanMercenary Infantry' set. I cut away the plastic shaft and then superglued the head onto a wire spear shaft.

It may not be historically accurate (or it may be, I'm not entirely sure either way)  to have halberdiers equipped with these small shields but the figures should look slightly odd without them.The left arm is held tight across the body; without the shield it looks as if the figures are holding their stomachs.

The small round shield (targe or buckler - delete was appropriate), was taken from the Perry's plastic WoTR box set.
For both the Cry Havoc/Siege games you need twelve halberdiers in total, only three being actually required for Siege.


  1. Great work mate. Im thinking im might use these for a Game of Thrones Baratheon Army :D

  2. More lovely work, especially the painting.

  3. I love the littel bucklers, and the small er shields gives us a chance to see the tunics, which i also like very much. Great job.