Thursday, 21 May 2015

Modified WoTR Foot Men-at-Arms WIP, Perry Miniatures - Part 10 of 10

This figure will eventually represent Lord Dudley but it wasn't my original intention to use this actual miniature. I had always planned on having three matching figures for both my mounted and foot miniatures but as a result of poor forward planning on my part (never one of my strengths) I literally ran out of matching parts for the mounted figureThe figure that will now represents one of Dudley's sons should have been the main man himself. The barbute helmet wasn't my first choice either but I was left without further options. I'd like to claim that this figure is based on the the famous Avant armour on display in Glasgow (images here) but it's just a coincidence. At least it will help the figure stand out among the others wearing the more common sallet variety. 

As I was running out of options for a figure wearing full harness I realised that I would have to make an alternative so I used the same standard body but decided to make the foot figure match the mounted knight.
As far as I can gather the wearing of tabards became quite old fashioned towards the end of the C15th. but I wanted to paint Lord Dudley's heraldry onto the figure (Dudley himself was relatively old when the wars started). This meant I could use standard arm pieces but I would have to modify the upper body to make it look as if he was wearing a tabard over his harness. To do this I used a sharp (i.e. new) scalpel and removed all the detail from the belt upwards such as the stomach and back plates. Once this was smoothed out I then added greenstuff below the belt line to look like material covering the upper part of the tassets (thigh armour). Once this part had cured I added the belt detail using greenstuff.

For the left arm I removed the knife from the standard arm piece and then left the figure on my work bench. I find it's sometimes best to leave figures like this to one side so you can occasionally just glimpse it once in a while. Mistakes or unnatural poses will soon become evident because they will become more and more obvious when you look at them. Although pleased with the results so far I wanted the figure to really stand out more than the others so added the small buckler.

Now I'd like to claim that I did all my research first and then only commit to butchering..sorry, modifying a plastic figure to suit but this is not always the case. As mentioned above I adopted my usual approach and left it to one side to ensure that it 'looked ok'. After a while one detail kept on drawing my eye was the length of the tabard, with me now thinking that I'd given Lord Dudley a mini -skirt. The seeds of doubt were sown after I remembered seeing the brass of William Catesby in St. Leodegarius's Church, Ashby St Leger (it was one of his descendants that organised the GunPowder Plot and which may have been organised in a nearby room next to the churchyard). This brass shows Catesby wearing a close-fitting short-sleeved tabard which is considerably longer than my version and covers half of his thigh. This seemed to confirm my suspicions but before I started mixing up more greenstuff I thought I would just double check to see if there were any more examples. Using Google ('All Hail') Images I happened to come across the following brasses of:

Sir John Say (d. 1478) (Image here)

William de Grey (d. 1495) (Image here)

Sir Henry Greene (Image here)

All show a close-fitting short-sleeved tabard that reveals the tassets just as I had modelled Lord Dudley. I quite like the similarities with Say's life and that of Dudley but I will go into more detail on this when I finally post my epic Lord Dudley mini-series - only five years in the making so there's no rush.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Modified WoTR Foot Men-at-Arms WIP, Perry Miniatures - Part 9 of 10

This figure dates back to when I initially parted this project around five years ago, which probably explains why it is only partially painted. I had difficulty remembering what exactly I had done to this figure but I eventually worked out that I chopped up the left arm to re-position it and added the feather plume to the sallet.

This figure could represent either Sir Edmund or Sir Oliver Sutton, sons of Lord Dudley. Edmund probably fought alongside his father at St Albans and Blore Heath (1459) while Oliver was killed at the Battle of Edgecote (1469).

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Modified WoTR Foot Men-at-Arms WIP, Perry Miniatures - Part 8 of 10

This is a basic figure and arms combo but with the head of poleaxe replacing the usual bill/halberd. I'm hoping the dodgy joint will be hidden by the future paint job.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Modified WoTR Foot Men-at-Arms WIP, Perry Miniatures - Part 7 of 10


After seeing previews of the latest Perry Miniatures release (light horsemen) I noticed that some of the riders had turn-down boots. I remembered seeing the same distinctive detail in an old Osprey book 'The Swiss at War 1300–1500' with illustrations by Gerry Embleton. 

With this figure I liked the resulting clean look using standard parts straight from the sprue but as my plan was to have as many unique miniatures as possible I realised a simple way to achieve this was to add the boot detail using greenstuff.
This figure was previously shown made up out of standard parts. I decided to add turn-down boots just to add a little variation to the overall look.
For this musician the turn-down boots effect was created once again with greenstuff. It's hard to see but I also cut away the knife from the left hand side of the figure and replaced it with a sword and buckler.
Just to be different instead of new boots this figure has been given a quick makeover with the simple addition of a head band made from greenstuff.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Modified WoTR Foot Men-at-Arms WIP, Perry Miniatures - Part 6 of 10

One of the more complicated figures I produced for this set, but similar in principle to the first one in this series. The original weapon from the right hand was removed and the arm/hand was cut away from a standard poleaxe piece.
Red circles indicate modified areas
Red circles indicate modified areas
The small crucifix was removed from the breastplate simply to change the look. It surprising how the eye will pick up on small details such as this when similar figures are placed next to each other. 
Red circles indicate modified areas
I was running out of similar left arm pieces so had to think up an option that worked for this particular arm. The remaining left arm piece is bent and sits tight against the body which isn't normally a natural pose for someone walking. However I thought I could make it appear the figure was resting his left hand on the sword pommel which now looks more relaxed. To achieve this the pommel of the sword had to be removed in order to enable the sword to fit into position.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Modified WoTR Foot Men-at-Arms WIP, Perry Miniatures - Part 5 of 10

Not a modification as such, more of an addition. For this standard bearer figure I picked a sleeved right arm and realised it would be easier to add a sleeve made from greenstuff to the left arm rather than trying to remove or replace the detail from the right arm.Once this decision was made the rest was relatively easy to create. To give the impression that the figure is wearing a surcoat I removed all the plate detail from the front and back of the figure (view Post 4 to see the figure with an unaltered main body). 
Red circle indicate modified areas
Red circles indicate modified areas

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Modified WoTR Foot Men-at-Arms WIP, Perry Miniatures - Part 4 of 10

Another very simple modification to make, this time remodelling the figures left arm. As the standard left arm was originally intended to hold a polearm it crossed over in front the figure's body. Therefore this needed a relatively simple job of cutting the left arm into three parts, altering the angle of the upper arm and rotating the left hand outwards.
Red lines and circles indicate modified areas