Tuesday, 12 February 2013

1/8 of 2013

No, not a maths exam question nor an episode of Star Trek but just a quick progress report as we're now almost 1/8 of the way through 2013 (or 12.5% if you're young and all metric) and I've already had a slight change of direction, but more of that later. Lack of posts have been due to me misplacing my USB cable for my camera but that's all sorted now.
A few weeks ago I wrote on this blog, and I quote:

"I don't intend to buy many, if any, figures (famous last words) during 2013..."

My resolve is obviously weaker than a politician's promise as I have since gone on to buy hundreds of the little bleeders, including a large SF box set from Mantic (it was a genuine bargain, honest) and an even bigger box full of WWII Bolt Action figures direct from Warlord Games. I've justified this to myself by reasoning that these particular figures aren't available at shows or from any of the online discount sites (well I've never seen them). These additions should cover all my future Soviet army needs for years to come, plus I bought another nation but I'll detail these in a future post. I wanted the purchase them before Warlord introduced their latest price increase. As it on special offer. I also bought a copy of their English Civil War (ECW) rules 'Pike & Shotte' (shock horror - yes an actual real life rulebook!). So yes I actually intend to play a game for a change.

I'm sure the apparent random selection must have confused the staff picking my order at Warlord HQ, "This chap has ordered dozens of WWII figures and then he picks a set of English Civil War rules? This bloke obviously doesn't know his partizan from his partisans." However there is a (slight) method to my madness. Long term readers, or anyone who've managed to use the 'labels' to filter out the waffle and go direct to the stuff that interests them, will know that I already have a large number of ECW figures. The same people will probably also realise that I don't currently play with them. Add into the mix that my brother keeps on asking me to finish off his ECW figures that he bought ages ago. Hence the reason for my rulebook purchase; what's the point of having lots of toys and then not play with them? I also bought another recent purchase is another small ECW cavalry box set of their Scots lancers (ooh shiny, shiny) by Warlord but this time from a traditional toyshop in Warwick (http://www.castletrains.com/) which will get the usual 'chop & change' treatment. I already have several ideas of how to modify a number of the figures.

Parp!* Yet another reason (excuse) for buying the rules is ego, as I happen to get a name-check in the book (just before the Perry brothers of all people) as I painted a few of the figures shown in the hardback. I'm currently available for book signings at bookshops, model shows, local Games Workshop stores, weddings, funerals and bar mitzvahs. My rider is quite modest: a pint of beer, pork pie and a packet of extra strong mints. I don't often brag or boast (not when I'm sober at least) so I'm trying to get my moneys worth with this one as I doubt if I'll ever get my work featured in a high production value book like this again. I believe the Scots covenanters prepared for Warlord Games are now part of John Stallard's personal collection.

Harrumph* Another set of figures that appear in the book are my Newcastle's Whitecoats to be quite honest, gave me a bit of a buzz the first time I saw the book in a shop in Brum shortly after its release last year. I was sorely tempted to run around the shop giving out high fives to fellow shoppers but realised I would have looked and sounded like a complete tit.

Notoriously bad photographs of these figures can be seen in my original posts.
Newcastle's Whitecoats
Scots Covenanters Part 2, Warlord Games
Scots Dragoons Part 1, Warlord Games
Scots Dragoons Part 2, Warlord Games

Other news is that January and February has seen my brother and myself venture past the safe boundaries of the West Midlands and into the wilds beyond, well Leicester and Warwick to be precise, loitering round carparks and suchlike.
Richard III was definitely buried here
(just behind my brother's left shoulder).
Carpark Info panel, Leicester.
Richard III isn't buried here (yet), Leicester.
 Richard de Beauchamp,
13th Earl of Warwick is buried here, Warwick.
We went to Leicester on the week before the official announcement that the remains under the carpark were definitely those of Richard III. I'd like to emphasise that we don't hang out taking photographs in council carparks but we thought we make an exception for the last Plantagenet king of England.
The Beauchamp chapel in the Collegiate Church of St. Mary, Warwick deserves, and will get its own post (including lots more photographs).
More modelling/wargaming news soon, I promise.

*Apologies, but these unpleasant noises are the sounds of me blowing my own trumpet.