Friday, 16 January 2015

New Lion Rampant forum

Just in case you missed it, a new site has recently been set up that is dedicated to all things Dux Bellorum and Lion Rampant. It's called, appropriately enough, the Dux Rampant forum (Rampant Dux may have attracted the wrong type of visitor).

The forum can be found here: The Dux Rampant Forum

The Lion Rampant rules, written by Dan Mersey, continue to make a growing impact on the gaming scene. Dan has already made  regular comments on the site so if you have any questions or suggestions (or have anything to share like reports, lists, references etc.) that you'd like to make take a look at the site. This forum will obviously mainly focus on the Dux Bellorum and Lion Rampant rules but there is a general wargaming/modelling section as well.

The site has been set up by a nice chap called Kurtus (Forge and brush blogspot) so if you experience any technical issues leave him a message. 

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A bit late but...Happy New Year!

Blimey is it 2015 already? The old cliché that the years fly by as you get older seems surprisingly true as I look back other the previous year.

I somehow managed to produce fifty nine posts for 2014, although I did cheat by posting several videos straight from YouTube, and some were not were not even gaming model related. I decided a number of years ago that I wouldn't create multiple blogs ("that way madness lies") as I have enough trouble maintaining this one. Speaking of which, this blog very nearly didn't it through to 2015 as I ran out steam in terms of time and effort towards the hobby and blogging. I didn't have much time to read other blogs which is a great pity because the quality and quantity is creasing all the time.

2014 turned out to be quite odd for me personally. Due to personal circumstances (which I may go into more detail later in the year - but that will be in the aid of charity) in hobby terms I somehow managed to lose around three months when I had neither the time or inclination to make, paint or much less play with miniature figures. When a hobby becomes hard work it isn't a hobby any more. However to counter all these negative vibes (to recall Oddball from Kelly's Heroes), this blog has enabled my to interact and meet numerous very nice people and has lead to me accepting some commission work, something I haven't done for a number of years.

It was probably the release of Lion Rampant, the medieval skirmish game from Osprey, that helped my regain my focus of painting and gaming last year. It really is a great game if you're interested in a fun, social and deceptively simple skirmish game based on knocking seven shades out of your medieval armies.

So what fun and japes have I got planned for this year? Well I'm writing the following aims more as an aide-mémoire rather than a personal challenge.

  • To complete my Lion Rampant forces, these are now quite substantial (for me at least). This will be an ongoing project but one I mainly concentrated on throughout 2014. I plan to focus of only a small number of projects each year. This means I can at least make a small dent in the lead/plastic pile. My medieval figures mainly just require painting so this should be achievable. Hopefully we shall be able to record and post a few games on YouTube. 
  • Paint Mantic's Deadzone figures. Again, a small number of figures to do. It was a dreadful material to work with but they are decent sculpts and the game itself employs interesting playing mechanic. 
  • War of 1812 - Another long term project that I attempt this year. Again, small numbers involved so I plan to get a few units, British and American, complete.
  • 6mm Franco-Prussian War. The Joy of Six show (try saying that fast) held in Sheffield last summer helped me realise that I need get more of these tiny little fellas onto the tabletop this year.
  • Finally - Play more! I intend to play more Pike & Shotte, Black Powder and Bolt Action games this year. With this in mind I had intended to join the local wargaming club, Warlords of Walsall. I did actually manage to visit them once (they seemed a very friendly bunch) but again personal circumstances prevented me from attending on a regular basis for a couple of months afterwards. 
As soon as I post I know I'm bound to remember something important I've promised to complete this year.

I have a number of terrain pieces that I will post shortly. This is cheating again slightly as they were all made last year but I never seemed to get the opportunity to take photos of them. I have photographs now, they are of an awful standard but I thought it's better than nothing at all. If and when I get the chance I'll replace them but you have been warned.