Monday, 22 October 2012

Life - WIP

Just a quick post to reassure the faithful readers of this blog that I am still alive and well(ish). As I'm sure is typical of a great many of follow bloggers daily life keeps on getting in the way of my hobby.

After far too many years of drinking honey sweetened ale (Enville, in case you're wondering) and eating pork scratchings my teeth decided they'd had enough and opted out (literally in one case). I've since been affected with a quite unpleasant dental infection left me looking rather like Sloth out of the Goonies. Any form of modelling or painting has been greatly hindered as I sat around feeling generally sorry for myself. A subsequent visit to the dentist has left me stuffed full of antibiotics, the looming prospect of heavy duty pliers, dentures (blimey, I felt very old when the dentist said that!) and very little spare cash.
I love Chun...castles!
However it isn't all doom and gloom (honestly). I have managed to make progress on the great tower. The wooden hourding have finally been painted, well, several times actually. I had initially painted the woodwork red but this looked plain awful. I hope to post pictures of the WIP as soon as I can.

If you thought the main hourding was complex (and you'd be right, it was) the stairway and entrance is proving to be a nightmare. The combination of the open woodwork and the curved nature of the stairs is proving a very tough nut to crack, at least in order to make it look reasonably accurate and lifelike.

The one strange result in the recent lack of any painting (five weeks plus now and not a paintbrush in sight) is that I now want to paint and finish something. The next figures in the sights will be something completely different, from a manufacturer never previously seen on this blog and which I've been strangely felt compelled to paint (what a tease!). If I can get these done soon then I think I will finally be able to get back into a productive painting phrase.

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  1. Oh my good man, I feel your pain! An absence of some years from my dental surgeon has left me favouring pulped food! Looking forward to seeing the new project though.

  2. Know how it feels dentist are robbing gits!

  3. Sounds like you've been having a bad time of it!! And as for the dentist!! Wonder what this new figure is??????

  4. The dentist creeps me out man, I feel your pain, I hope things get better soon, real soon!

  5. Thanks for the kind comments, gents.

    Did I mention that my mom had to take me to the dentist? Not to ensure I didn't run off (but I was tempted) but to explain the problem as I couldn't speak due to the fact that one side of my face resembled a baboons slapped arse. It's a good job I'm a brave little soldier!

  6. Well, it's fer yer own good... :)