Thursday, 4 February 2016

Clubman - Archer, Modified Warlord Games

This is another modified plastic figure, taken the Warlord Games 'Firelock Storming Party' box set. Having read that the bow and arrows that were still being used occasionally on the battlefield during the wars I wanted to portray something completely different, hence this figure represents a 17th century archer.
As I didn't want to make or depict an entire unit of archers I thought it would be more interesting to make an individual clubman who came armed with bow and arrow(s). Given that he depicts a clubman I deliberately didn't want to give this model a quiver of arrows as I wanted to give the impression that he was probably a gamekeeper/poacher and not someone who had a dozen or more arrows at his disposal, more like someone who used a couple of arrows to hunt for food. To add to his individuality I gave him an extra bag and a woollen hat made from greenstuff. 
As with the clubman commander figure I cut away the belly box. Both arms are taken from the Perry's WotR plastic boxset.

Eagle-eyed readers may have spotted that I had forgotten to dot in the eyes before taking this photo. I normally add these using a technical pen. It's surprising the difference this tiny detail can made to the overall look of the model (no pun intended).

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