Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Another Distraction

Well two distractions actually. After I had determined to make a start on my own interests i.e AWI, medieval and the Great War after finishing my ACW miniatures I’ve been sidetracked. The first was that I’d promised to make and paint a number of fantasy figures for a friend’s son. Releasing that I’d delayed this for too long I’m now making steady progress (pictures here). It makes a nice change not having to worry that you may have painted the soldiers socks the wrong colour.

Distraction number two was that, out of the blue, my brother turned up with a box of miniatures. I think this may have been triggered after reading a fascinating book about the Dudley castle including an interesting section of the two sieges of the castle and the nearby Battle of Tipton Green (more of a large scale skirmish). My brother hasn’t yet decided which colours he wants them painted, but may be either purple for Colonel Richard Bagot (Royalist) or red and black for Colonel John Birch (Parliament). These will be my completed next project. I’ve realised that this blog may be getting slightly cluttered so I’ll keep this site for modelling and wargaming etc. and this other one for interesting places I’ve visited.

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