Saturday, 2 January 2010

ECW Ensign

Latest Newcastle's Whitecoats countdown:
64 down, 0 to go. Huzzah, finished at last. Happy New Year everyone!

This final figure is loosely based on two illustrations; one being Richard Hook's painting for Osprey's Marston Moor book showing Newcastle's Whitecoats last stand, the other is from the excellent Philip Haythornthwaite's book, The English Civil War 1642-1651 An Illustrated History' which the metal figure is actually based on.

Because I got carried away with the numbers for this regiment, sixty four in total, I’ve made up two command groups. On one I've utilised the flag bearer from the Warlord metal command pack i.e. the one pictured below. On a number of forums people were moaning (hard to believe I know but true) about the flag being cast with the figure and it would put they off due to the difficulties of painting the device. However this is easily overcome as the Colonel’s flag was often one colour. The more senior the officer the plainer the flag. Simples. As I already have a plain paper red flag left over from the the GMB set used on the other stand I simply painted a St. George cross canton using square pieces of masking tape to achieve straight edges.

Hopefully I'll finally be able to base and flock all the miniature bases which make up the regiment over the next week or so.