Saturday, 1 May 2010

More ECW Covenanters WIP

Quick update on my usual slow progress of my regiment of Renegade Covenanters. These are all of the infantry including these now completed pikemen figures. April has been taken up mainly by socialising and sightseeing, including visiting numerous sites linked to the English Civil War, of which I hope to post up images as soon as.

I'm quite pleased with the subdued colours and a few of the understated tartans which I believe is more in keeping with the Covenanter background. I've also added Woodlan Scenics' Flowering follage Purple (F177) on a number of bases to hopefully give the impression of heather.
For some reason I seem to have developed painters block regarding the two command groups that came with this box sets. So I've now started on a Perry ECW artillery piece until I can get my head round the other figures, as at the moment they don't 'look' right.

Apologies for the dodgy photographs, still coming to grips with the digital camera (especially the flash!).


  1. Great work mate! What a dour looking lot.
    I think we were separated at birth. I have even succumbed to the lure of 28mm and bought one of the Warlord ECW Bataglia packs...

  2. Nice work,I like the serious note to them.