Saturday, 12 March 2011

Warlord Games Feature

In the latest Warlord Games newsletter was an article that features Pike & Shotte Reinforcements. The Covenanters are ones I painted for Warlord and the running officer and drummer from the Firelock set are ones I did for my brother. It's always a nice to see your own work in print (as it were).

I'll be available for autographs, signed photos etc. at the WMMS 2011 event this Sunday. Holding a golden crown over my head and whispering in my ear,"Remember, you are mortal." will be my two mates Ade and Jon who star in a very entertaining (especially when Jon loses) WargamingForFun over on YouTube.

I'll also be hanging round the Pensnett Model Makers Society display, the club I try to attend - held every other Friday night. It's more of a social thing as we often just sit round John's kitchen table drinking tea and eating biscuits. Please feel free to say hello, I'm really not as unpleasant as I look .


  1. Congratulations - a well deserved accolade.

  2. Nice one mate, and well deserved. I'll keep an eye out for the signed photos on ebay.