Thursday, 14 July 2011

TV Celebrity Manhandles My Miniatures

After a inside tip-off I was recommended to watch the recent History Cold Case programme where "Professor Sue Black and her team use forensic science to shed light on the past. They look at two skeletons discovered among 113 bodies in a mass grave outside York."

After 20 minutes into 'The York 113' episode, featuring a certain Dr. Xanthe Mallett, I was quite taken aback to recognise several miniatures I had painted for Warlord Games. Mine are the Covenanter infantry and dragoons (they're all the ones with the blue bonnets). Hopefully I will be able to detail more of these figures quite soon.

I believe the programme may only be available in the UK (i.e. to B.B.C. licence payers) and can only be viewed over the next few days. It's a interesting programme which indeed challenged a number of my pre-conceptions about this historic time period. 

Dr. Xanthe Mallett is now my favourite forensic anthropologist (if only for the pulp fiction name). Admittedly that's quite a narrow field of interest but she is definitely now my favourite television expert.


  1. Fame... you'll have to get yourself in the credits as Props master :)

    Bet that made your day,

    All the best.

  2. What a title to a post! Congrats.


  3. I watched the program and was wondering where the figures came from. Personally thought the entire program could have been done in half an hour but that is the nature of TV today..

    Congrats on the fame and glory!

  4. I hope you head has swelled sufficiently due to the fame!!

  5. Thanks for the comments as always. Poor old Warlord didn’t even get a name credit after all their efforts involved in the show. So as a humble brush monkey I doubt I’ll be even able to blag entry into McDonalds, neither mind any trendy restaurants just yet.

    At least it proves that I’ve actually finished more miniatures than the number of posts on this blog would suggest.

    What’s really sad is I’m now looking for a figure I can convert to represent Dr. Mallet armed with a large femur bone!

  6. I'm impressed - should I keep all the beer cans clogging up my man cave for prosperity? ;)

  7. Ade if those beer cans are full we'll be visiting sunny Shropshire as soon as possible.