Thursday, 6 October 2011

Scots Dragoons, Warlord Games - Part 2 of 2

The mounted versions of these dragoons are laden down with loot/provisions including rabbits, chickens, lanterns and bottles of liquid refreshment. I must admit that it took me a while to figure out just what exactly was hanging from the saddle but it is definitely worth trying to highlight these details.

Dragoon with rabbit

Careful planning (or just a bit of forward thinking) is needed when fixing the mounted figures to their horses otherwise some will appear to be sticking their firearms right into their colleagues ear holes - never a good idea.
Mounted dragoons on mass
Dismounted dragoons.
As with the Scots Covenanter infantry I painted the majority with blue bonnets, complete with sprigs of heather and saffron shirts. As regular readers will know I'm a complete muppet and will not be surprised to know I forgot to take any photos of the Covenanter Saker I also painted for Warlord Games.


  1. Real nice looking unit...painting and basing is excellent

  2. Very nice as always mate. You make them come to life :D

  3. Awesome work. They look so grim and intimidating. Best, Dean

  4. Thanks for all the comments, as always, greatly appreciated.

  5. Fantastic! I didn't make my dragoons anything predatory / light-fingered enough.

  6. Lovely work once again! Full of character, and very fine colour choices. Great tip about the positioning of these guys when assembled as a unit. I am about to do some of the standard dragoons from Warlord, so that is very useful!