Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New Approach for 2012 - Twitter

As I'm sure regular readers will agree, I'm fully aware how little I actually post regarding models or miniatures on this site. As the title of this blogspot indicates my interests range far and wide. Consequently the posts may often appear quite random with miniatures featuring less frequently than I'd like. However, believe it or not, I do actually produce a lot more than it may appear.

Obviously I normally tend to 'press the button' only once I'm completely happy that the post is ready to be published. For example I have an eight part (minimum) posting ready to go on the subject of the late medieval Lord Dudley. The only thing preventing me from finishing the painting of the figures is that simple fact that I can't determine exactly how the livery colours are halved. Sad but true.

Another of several reasons for this is due to the fact that I try to get the uniforms and histories as accurate (and readable) as possible before I publish a post. The correct shade of dark blue for US infantry from the War of 1812 anyone? Nope, even after numerous purchases of pots of paint, I'm still looking. I have dozens (and dozens!) of miniatures primed and ready to paint.

Likewise for the ongoing War of 1812 project I can't establish a (relatively) small colour detail for a set of British 19th Dragoons miniatures. It's not the fact I'm concerned that someone might point out the error, it's just that I'd know it might not be correct and it would annoy me endlessly.

Another factor is commission work. I've painted a number of new, unreleased miniatures for companies that I can't post here yet for obvious reasons. These can take up a lot of my painting time and then I just have to wait until the relevant company releases them. For instance, the Scots ECW Dragoons, commissioned by Warlord Games, were completed nearly a year before I could put any images or posts online.

Hence the painfully slow post rate. Unfortunately I don't have the time, content or inclination to post everyday (or even every week) here on Blogger. Anyway, back to the point of all this waffle; in a vain attempt to prove I'm not just completely lazy I've decided to use that other great modern time-wasting invention: Twitter. As I have the attention span of a disinterested goldfish, I'm hoping that this will help me maintain a degree of focus. I hope to post (tweet?) on that site on a far more regular basis; almost in a 'Dear Diary' style and use this blog as before, for the completed projects. Well that's the plan anyway.

A link to the site can be found via the page conveniently labelled Twitter or via this link:!/UbiqueMatt


  1. Good luck with the 'tweeting', as you say it will give you a more frequently updated newsfeed. Not a medium that I have any plans to investigate at present (I seem to be more than capable of wasting all the time I have as it is!) but hugely popular and I can see how it might help with commissions etc.

  2. You have painting OCD my friend but nothing wrong with that as long as you are happy.....

  3. Heya

    There's nothing wrong with posting WIP and asking the questions that are holding back the finished article... i won't be able to answer but someone might :)... and there's always the ability to edit your posts at any point.

    But all that aside i don't think it mattters how often you post so long as each post has merit and i for one don't mind waiting, patience is an important part of this hobby.

    All the best.

  4. Thanks for the comments. I'm finding the Twitter idea works quite well. But it does reveal just how slow I am at painting etc. Nevermind.