Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Pirate Ogre Whaler - Part 3 of 3

The figure was painted using my usual 'Block, Wash and Highlight' method. As I mentioned to my mate Ade (WargamingForFun) recently I really find painting a necessary evil.

Hat & Tattoo Detail
I added the anchor and sperm whale tattoos along with his latest tally onto the ogre's shoulder.
Rear View
The false leg was painted to resemble whale bone/ivory - based on Gregory Peck's portrayal of the character Captain Ahab from the film 'Moby Dick'.

I also added a little red and green (as I believe ogres are equal opportunity killers) gore to the cleaver .

The only drawback to this figure is now I think he bears an unhealthy resemblance to the guitarist Slash from the popular 80's rock combo Guns 'n' Roses (never my cup of tea, to be honest). He's only lacking the dark poodle perm hairstyle.
I do have a couple of further ideas to that would enable me to produce possibly two more ogres on a vaguely pirate theme. These, however are both on the back burner for the immediate future as I am heading in a historical direction.


  1. I love him, the ogres are some of GW's best!

  2. The Whale tat and score are brilliant - what a great model!

  3. Nicely done, love the way you painted the skin tones and the tat looks cool as well!

  4. Another triumph of a conversion; I really love the whole whaler theme, especially the tattoo and harpoon. The stand out piece for me in the beer tankard with the frothy ale, just brilliant!

  5. Fantastic work as usual Matt. Not a fan of fantasy stuff but your approach, and the way you do conversions is excellent, and very instructive.

  6. Thanks for all the comments as always. Next up will be something completely different.

  7. Hi, Matt - just like to post the offer of a trade over here in case you miss the reply at my blog:

    I've bought a box of Warlord ECW Cavalry and their Firelock Storming Party (plus some helmeted heads from Wargames Facotory's Spanish Cavalry box set as bits) so I can do the same with my "not Empire pistoliers". I will have a few figures from the Firelock Storming Party left over and I won't be using the two metal command figures - if you want them we can do a trade. :)

  8. What a fantastic miniature. Really absolutely stunning and characterful.

  9. Marvellous effort sir! Stumbled across your ogre pirates whilst looking for details relating the beach party of ogres featured at UK Games Day for 'Armies On Parade', pictures supplied on my blog. Will there be any more maritime-themed conversions? Plenty of opportunity for ogre employment in my waterfront Mordheim campaign setting. Regards, Werekin

  10. Link to UK Games Day 2012 report... http://libermalefic.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/trolls-on-parade.html

  11. Hi Werekin,

    I don't have any immediate plans to make more pirate ogres. I do actually have a few ideas for possibly two more but after the six I made for Ade I'm 'ogred-out' at the moment.

    Great blog, can I suggest you add a 'Follow' widget to your home page.