Thursday, 13 March 2014

Gravestones, Renedra Ltd

These pieces are taken from the Gravestone Set from Renedra, probably better know for producing the plastic figures for Perry's, Warlord Games Fireforge Games and others. The box comes with forty four various gravestones and two separate ravens, sculpted by Steve May from Immortal Miniatures (as it tells you on their website). 
Cross grave markers with additional slats.
28mm Crusader Miniature Man-at-Arms shown for scale
I've placed all the 18th and 19th century style gravestones together onto plastic bases but separated the simpler, older style stones onto singles so I can use these in medieval period games. After seeing at medieval illustrations (and a few modern ones still visible in northern Europe) I added two small lengths of coffee stick stirrers to form a roof for the cross.
A number of the stones are modelling at an angle, quite a common sight in old graveyards, well until Heath & Safety operatives started to push them over to ensure they were 'safe'. I've altered a few more to enhance the look.
28mm Crusader Miniature Man-at-Arms shown for scale (he gets around a lot, doesn't he?)

There are nicely sculptured details on the graves, vines, engraved text etc. and a very simply way of adding extra detail to your table top.


  1. Thinking of ordering myself a set as i'm after more of their wicker fencing that i've noticed is up for sale on it's own.


    1. Thanks Darrell, Renedra produce some increasingly nice bits and pieces. Their gabions and fences are particularity useful.

  2. Very nice...and so useful on a table...

  3. Having worked in a graveyard many years ago, Health and Safety has nothing to do with gravestones being pushed over - it's a lots easier to maintain when they are out the way

    1. Thanks Will, that's interesting. There's been quite a few local examples of Dudley council upsetting relatives by lying flat gravestones on the grounds of 'Health & Safety'.

      This is an interesting article from English Heritage (especially pages 28 & 29).