Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Medieval Retinue

I can think of few things that more impressive on a tabletop than a great big bunch of colourful knights armed to the teeth with swords, maces and battleaxes riding into the thick of battle (often uncontrollably in my experience). These well turned out chaps will eventually form two units and the core of my English army for Lion Rampant (LR) games. There are three categories of mounted troops in LR: 
  • Mounted Men-at-Arms - the elite attacking force, your knights in shining armour.
  • Mounted Serjeants - well-armoured, non-noble horsemen (who can be armed with bows/crossbows).
  • Mounted Yeomen - lightly armed and armoured mounted skirmishes equipped with bows/javelins.

In initial games they can pass as either Mounted Men-at-Arms or Mounted Serjeants but as I build up a greater force (i.e. when I make and paint more figures) then only miniatures mounted on caparisoned horses will be officially classed as Mounted Men-at-Arms, well in my games anyway.

Waiting in my painting queue are a similar number of figures to represent the Welsh opposition. These will be easily identifiable as being Welsh (or any over nation that takes my fancy to fight the English) as I'm using similar figures that are also noticeably different; more of that in a future post.

Below are links to posts detailing the various knights shown in the photo: