Friday, 8 January 2016

Wilko Dragons

My brother first spotted these dragons wondering round one of my favourite stores Wilko. For non-UK readers this is a British high-street chain which sells homewares and household goods, formerly known as Wilkinson before a big re-brand a few years ago. The store often provides a great source of items for gaming and modelling, basing and terrain material, lighting etc. Wilko also often stocks items (i.e. toys) that can be real bargains. 

With the recent release of the Dragon Rampant rule set I have been keeping an eye out for fantasy based items/figures so when I saw these models I had a closer look. There are numerous different types and colours available. Other examples can be seen on the [Wilko website].

Expecting the model to cost £5, such as the nearby plastic dinosaurs, I was surprised when the till registered the price as £2. Note the size of a relatively large Warlord Games Scot figure in comparison, you can see that you get an awful lot of plastic for your money. Showing off my new purchase in my local gaming store the owner, Vince, went out and bought one for himself. At £2 it would be wrong not to! 

Pottering around another Wilko store I decided I had to buy another one (just in case of emergencies). 

I will probably clean up the model, there are a few mould lines that need tidying up. I will also give it a new paint job. It isn't really necessary but I'm curious if I can improve it slightly with extra detailing.

I thought I'd let any UK readers that may have an interest in fantasy gaming know about these bargain models in case they fly off the shelves (pun intended) or are discontinued any time soon.