Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Freeman Farm House

Freemans Farm today

For a while I’ve been interested in making a number of buildings from the AWI period. As I’d visited Saratoga I thought it would be make sense to create some from that particular site. I made the mistake of ‘googling’ (is this a real word?) ‘Freemans Farm’ and eventually came up with an image of Freeman Farm House.

Even though I’ve visited the battle site back in the early 90’s I couldn’t remember seeing this particular building but assumed that I’d forgotten it or we’d simply missed it, as you tour the battle by car stopping off at areas of interest. The Americans even have ‘drive-thru’ battle sites.

After further research it turns out this building is actually in Sturbridge, Massachusetts and dates from 1810-1815 and was home for Pliny Freeman and his wife Delia. It would appear I was actually thinking of the John Neilson House, situated on Bemis Heights, which is similar in colour and is probably why I thought it was in Saratoga. The Neilson building is now on the list of future projects.

Anyway, from what I’ve read and seen from the period this farm building is pretty typical of New England area during the AWI and so, hopefully, won’t look too out of place on my table. If not then I can always use it for an imaginary New England battle with my ACW figures. The obvious benefit with making houses for this period is that they can be used for later eras.

Made to suit 28mm figures.
Made from foam board, balsa wood & plastic card.

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