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Jason Russell house, front view.

Jason Russell House today - image courtesy of Wikipedia.

I’m planning on producing a number of buildings and structures from these areas including the Old Stone Fort, Schoharie, NY (site of a small loyalist skirmish in 1780) and a special one from Williamsburg, Virginia but don’t hold your breath.

The reason for this is because way back in 1991 my brother and myself spent a week in Boston, following the Freedom trail, literally a line of coloured bricks (red if I remember correctly) to various points of interest including:
USS Constitution
Bunker (Breeds) Hill.
the Old North Church,
Old State House.

Then in 1993 I enjoyed a driving holiday with my brother from Boston to New York via a slight detour to Niagara, including on the way:
Concord & Lexington.
Old Stone Fort, Schoharie, NY (site of a small loyalist skirmish 1780).
Several War of 1812 sites including Fort George, Fort Niagara & Queenston Heights.

Georgian Colonial architecture is generally symmetrical. Georgian style became the prominent style in Colonial America.

Georgian Colonial homes generally feature:
• Square, symmetrical shape
• Paneled front door at center
• Five windows across front
• Medium pitched roof
• Minimal roof overhang
Starting with:

The Jason Russell House is in Arlington (then called Menotomy), Massachusetts and saw heavy fighting on 19th April 1775 during the retreat of Earl Percy’s troops from Concord.

The core of the house was built in 1740 and is essentially unchanged today, although further extensions were subsequently added. The enclosed porch was a later edition so I left this feature off the model. Now the house is open as a museum and still bares the scars from the conflict.

On hearing the noise I imagine brave old Russell (he was 59 at the time of his death) shouted something like “Go and bugger off round your own end” and got skewered for his troubles. Russell apparently asked for help to defend his house, saying "An Englishman's home is his castle."

Made from foam board, balsa wood & plastic card.

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