Saturday, 31 January 2009

Modified Figures – Episode I (in an occasional series).

Just to show what you can achieve with a sharp knife and a bit of patience, here are some comparison images of models all based on the same miniature. No major work was required, just enough to make the command block of not appear too similar if placed together. All the following figures were taken from the Perry Miniatures hard plastic ACW Infantry box set (code ACW 1) with various parts taken from the ACW Cavalry box (code ACW 2). First up:

Shown here for reference, an officer figure made from parts straight from the sprue. Not much to explain with this one.

No. 1
Union officer - Basic right arm with sword (there are two sword options available in the infantry box).

No. 2
Union Sargeant Flag Bearer - Shown here on both images in the rear corner. Sword and sash removed, holster cut down to make a cartridge case. The right arm (holding the staff) came straight off the sprue.

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