Saturday, 17 January 2009

AWI French

I've been stocking up on figures in 1:72 scale, mainly Italeri & Imex. I wasn’t that aware of the metal ranges available but largely bought them because they were cheap. For example in this box you get 49 figures and 1 horse for less than £5 - bargain. My first attempt were Italeri French Infantry (6043) AWI range. I made the mistake (?) of painting the figures copying the box art. I effectively painted these figures several times after experimenting with different wash techniques.
Italeri French Infantry Box Art

After further research these frenchies appear to be remotely based on the grenadiers of the Regiment de Soisonnais. This regiment saw action at Yorktown 1781, capturing two redoubts. If, and when, I finish the command figures I’ll post an image.

This set of figures received a bit of a pasting from the excellent Plastic Soldier Review, perhaps the most comprehensive site of its kind, but I enjoyed painting them.

Massed ranks of the Italeri's French Infantry

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  1. I like those. 20mm is not my scale and I'd be unsure about painting/using plastics but there is a huge range and growing for all periods it seems an easy way to try new stuff!

    Look forward to seeing the rest when you get them done.



    PS. Are there any good wargames shops in Brum now?