Thursday, 26 August 2010

St Fagans National History Museum - Llainfadyn Cottage

Llainfadyn Cottage, Rhostryfan Gwynedd, north-west Wales. Built in 1762.

Built to accommodate quarrymen and made from large mountain boulders with a slate roof. If I’d have seen a built-to-scale model of this before the real thing I’d probably dismiss it as being unrealistic. The boulders look far too large to be incorporated into such a small home. However it does show how readily people can (or are forced to) adapt to their environment.


  1. Thanks for the photos. I've often thought about modelling the Forge at St Fagans.

    Reading back through your Blog I see you have done a fantastic job on the Tewksbury merchants house. I also took photos of this building with the intention of building a model - so far I have still to start it!

    Anyway - great Blog, I've really enjoyed the St. Fagans photos.


  2. Thanks Tony, it was actually your blog and pictures that inspired me to give it go.


  3. Pretty nice...wish there were places like that over here, but usually if its 100 years old it gets knocked down and something cheap goes up in its place. Keep them comming.