Sunday, 29 August 2010

St Fagans National History Museum - Farmhouse & Cottage

Hendre’r-Ywydd Uchaf, Llangyhalal, Denbighshire. Built 1508

Single storey building typical of the better class of Welsh farmhouse in the Middle Ages. ‘A’ frame construction. Two fifths of the building would have housed livestock; the rest would have accommodated workspace, a living room and a bedroom.

Nant Wallter Cottage, Taliaris Carmarthenshire. Built about 1770.

This basic cottage, typical for that of a farm labourer, has walls built of clay or mud. Compare this to the quarrymen's cottage.

The overweight slaphead standing in front of the building modelling the very latest in farm labourer fashion is me (so now you know what I look like - if you ever want to say hello at a show or, more likely, avoid me).

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