Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Preacher - Warlords Games

This is the Preacher miniature from the Fire and Brimstone set by Warlord Games.
"Heathen hordes, I dare thy to try and pull my finger!" 
The figure nicely portrays a Puritan preacher such as Richard Baxter. Puritans became a major political force in England and came to power as a result of the First English Civil War. Any Puritan's wardrobe would contain a limited colour palette to say the least. I found it quite difficult to paint it to look interesting using just black, white and various shades of grey.

As the majority of my toy soldiers are Royalist, for now at least, I'll stick him in with the Covenanters to give them some moral support. I like to think that he is reading either Psalm 68:21 if his side is winning or Isaiah 2:4 if they are losing and about to be captured.

Regular readers will be pleased to note that my photography skills are as bad as ever. Apologies for their standard (as usual).