Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Preacher - Warlords Games

This is the Preacher miniature from the Fire and Brimstone set by Warlord Games.
"Heathen hordes, I dare thy to try and pull my finger!" 
The figure nicely portrays a Puritan preacher such as Richard Baxter. Puritans became a major political force in England and came to power as a result of the First English Civil War. Any Puritan's wardrobe would contain a limited colour palette to say the least. I found it quite difficult to paint it to look interesting using just black, white and various shades of grey.

As the majority of my toy soldiers are Royalist, for now at least, I'll stick him in with the Covenanters to give them some moral support. I like to think that he is reading either Psalm 68:21 if his side is winning or Isaiah 2:4 if they are losing and about to be captured.

Regular readers will be pleased to note that my photography skills are as bad as ever. Apologies for their standard (as usual).


  1. Ow! I feel like he is scolding me for engaging in such frivolous and ungodly pastimes such as playing with toy soldiers!!

    Good paint job despite the limitations of painting it black.

  2. Well painted and your poor photography skills are still better than mine.

  3. Nice figure and well painted.


  4. Thanks for the comments.

    I'll be adding some proper scruffy Irish soldiers next; which should upset the preacher-man.


  5. I'm new to all this painting and collecting of miniatures. Bought a couple of 28mm to try, got them primed but the painting waits because my eye's can't focus on that small, so saving for a magnifier.

    The SYW is of interest to me. I'm more inclined to the Irish side and the Highlanders as a project in the future, along with painting a set of Clare's Wild Geese. Great job on the posts!

    P.S. Ya, your photography needs some help! I'm a retired photojournalist can I help?

  6. Hi Garry,
    Thanks for the comments. I've nearly finished painting my ECW Irish figures and they should be posted soon.

    Regarding my photos, it's become something of a running joke between myself and friends that the quality of my images are actually worsening over time, not improving. The ironic thing is that I used to spend a great deal of time (and money) taking photographs. In fact I still own several Minolta SLR bodies and even more lenses. Time is the major issue. I recently painted a set of figures for a company and completely forgot to take any pictures.


  7. He can also pass as Covenanter Minister. My old man used to dress like that for the ECW Society. Get him a sword and cry's of 'No Popery' and you have 28mm of my dad haha.